International Medical Service

International Medical Service

      Wanfang Hospital has been operating since 1997 as Taiwan’s first publicly owned, privately operated hospital. It pass in hospital accreditation in 2003, which is the first Medical Center receiving this title within 7 years. In 2003, Wanfang Medical Center also received ISO-9002 international quality certification; this was followed by ISO 9001 in 2008 and by JCI accreditation in 2006,2009,2012,2015 and 2018. Ever since its founding, the hospital has strived for total quality management to ensure that patients receive health care of the highest standard. "Quality of service is our pride" is the motto for our effort.

  The hospital's commitment to health care without borders has guided our international medical cooperation program since 2005. We formed small medical groups and provide the best service in several countries. With limited resources, we have reached huge achievement in Panama, Guatemala, Marshall Islands, Palau, and other African countries. We have sent international medical corps formed by doctors, nurses and specialists to several places multiple times, and invite local medical personnel to receive trainings in Wanfang. 

  International Medical Service Center was founded to provide comprehensive service in order to meet various needs. We can assist you to with flight、airport pick-up service、accommodations、medical consultation、reservation、translation、medical referral services、and other outpatient or inpatient related services.

  In order to improve the quality of international medical profession exchanges, Wanfang reached out to Health Care Management Consultancy business. We have profession in accreditation surveyor counseling、clinical performance quality management and other medical management related specialties. Since November, 2012, we started to arrange delegations visiting us to learn from each other by exchanging views, to strive for better achievement in health and medical fields.

International Medical Service Team  

  Our IMS center has packages for a variety of services and assistance for patients and their families. We would provide the best customized medical care services. Let us be your thoughtful and trustful friend who leads you to a healthier and happier life.