Wan Fang Medical Center has 732 beds, more than 350 full-time physicians and over 2000 staff. Because it is affiliated with Taipei Medical University, many doctors in training from the university do their clerkships and internships at Wan Fang Medical Center. Located beside a major transit station in Taipei, Wan Fang Hospital has been operating since 1997 as Taiwan’s first publicly owned, privately operated hospital. Ever since its founding, the hospital has strived for total quality management to ensure that patients receive health care of the highest standard. "Quality of service is our pride" is the motto for our effort. In December 1998, Wan Fang Medical Center received ISO-9002 international quality certification; this was followed by ISO 9001 in 2008 and by JCI accreditation in 2006,2009 and 2012.

Wan Fang Mecial Center has 43 medical departments with specialists from every medical specialty. It is especially well-known for its Neurosurgery, Cardiology and Orthopedics departments, its Health Examination Center and specialty medical care such as the CyberKnife Center, Cancer Center, Obesity Prevention Center, Infertility Treatment Center, Laser Cosmetic Center and Burn Center. The hospital also established an International Liaison Center for coordination with foreign visitors.

Wan Fang Medical Center is located in Taipei's Wenshan District. The hospital is dedicated to serving the surrounding area, and is committed to community health promotion. In addition, the hospital's commitment to health care without borders has guided our international medical cooperation program since 2005. Wan Fang Medical Center not only trains foreign medical students but also has sent mobile medical teams to the Marshall Islands, Palau, and many other countries. These medical teams provided free clinics, and shared medical expertise with local professionals.

As Taipei's first publicly owned, privately operated hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center is a successful model for public hospitals in providing Taipei citizens excellent health care. As a team, Wan Fang Medical Center and Taipei Medical University work together with great pride.