Premium health screening:
On the list of Taiwan’ s ten most fatal diseases, caner, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases have been ranking the highest three in the past five years. Early discovery and early treatments are the most important ways to stay healthy. However, when a normal person is not sick, he always thinks that he is very healthy, and ignores the potential factors that endanger his health. The best way to avoid regret caused by the delay in diagnosis and treatment is to do health examinations regularly. The advanced equipment of the professional medical team at medical center, coupled with the kind services and explanations of our nursing staffs, help you to understand and manage your health condition.

Customized and Professional Services:
Our medical staffs provide clients with customized health examination services. They design the most suitable health examination items for clients. They also provide health examination services for companies’ labor teams. Moreover, the attending physicians will give explanations and suggestions personally, and our professional nursing staffs will provide one-to-one services. Last but not least, health examination information and anamnesis will be combined for easier tracks and follow-up examinations afterwards.

Advanced Equipment Medical Examination Separation:
The Premium health screening of Wan Fang Medical Center possesses the most advanced equipments, such as 1.5T MRI, the latest version of VCT in Asia, 128 multi-slices CT. They provide high-resolution cardiovascular examinations, and have advantages of low risk and avoid the necessity of puncturing arteries. The most advance equipment for examinations and diagnosis are provided, and cross-infections are prevented. In these ways, the goals of early preventions and early treatments are reached.

Comfortable Accommodations:
In a hidden environment and a space filled with art and cultural atmospheres, patients will be relaxed and feel like staying in a vacation center. Coupled with a private suite and wireless Internet services, the new concept of a health examination fulfilling the body and the mind is acted out.

Understand and control your physical and mental conditions through regular health examinations, then have a healthy and happy life!

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