Orthopedics services cover for degenerative arthritis, sport injuries, limb musculoskeletal disorders and spinal diseases. Our patients come from outpatient services and emergency department. Emergency department takes care of urgent patients with trauma and sports injury like fracture, dislocation (including spine fracture and dislocation), tendon rupture, muscle tearing and rupture, ligament tearing, etc. Outpatient services include arthritis, spinal diseases, abnormality of limbs, chronic soft tissue inflammatory disease, tumors, etc. We specialize in arthroscopic examination and surgery, and joint replacement. Severe painful deformity of knee joints, hip joints, shoulder joints or elbow joints is suited for artificial joint replacement. The surgery can relief the pain, correct the deformity and restore the function of joints. As to other arthropathies, which cannot be detected by radiological examination, can be diagnosed by arthroscopy. Moreover, we are well known for spine minimally invasive surgeries in Taiwan. This surgery, with small incisions (about 1.5 cm) requires a one-day hospitalization.

With the aging population, approximately 320 thousand people in Taiwan suffer painful knee joints. With inconvenient in their daily life. Many of them undergo surgeries to replace artificial joints.

By adopting minimally invasive technique, artificial knee joint surgery only requires about 10cm incision. With the help of rehabilitation therapy, it shortens the time for recovery. After active postoperative local pain control, it further improves the joint movement recovers in recovery. About 3 days after the surgery, the knee joint can usually bend 90 degree.

Medical service equipment and special examination:The musculoskeletal ultrasound examination conducted by Dr. Pu-Kuang Wang, can diagnose shoulder joint diseases, especially rotator groups rupture. The advantages of this examination are noninvasiveness and non-radiation. It can detect and treat children joint infections, osteomyelitis and children congenital diseases like DDH in the early stage. This examination can also detect solid tumors, capsular tumors, and sport injuries, like the rupture of tendon, muscle and ligament.

Arthroscopy is not only an examination but also a minimally invasive treatment. It is well developed in knee and shoulder joints. Ankle joints and elbow joints can also be examined by arthroscopy. Laparoscopic spinal surgery features small incisions, short hospital

stay, and fast recovery. Conducting prolapsed disc surgery by laparoscope is also our specialty.

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