Fully aware that the public demands more advanced and convenient services, the plastic surgery clinic is devoted to burn treatments and micro-surgery treatment. The clinic also established the plastic surgery center in 2003. Our clinic is equipped with special rooms, burn center and facilities and many modern plastic surgery medical equipments. We emphasize on quality and human-centered treatment. In respect of burn treatment, we strive to integrate the whole team and strengthen vocational training in order to enhance our medical quality. All of our chief physicians possess special licensees in the plastic surgery field, and they provide both daily clinic treatment and surgery treatment. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular. It is now a new medical field that can enhance people’s self-confidence and life quality. Therefore, we have further established a clinic for plastic surgery to provide the public consultations and the right concepts about the surgery.

The plastic surgery center has many equipments and machines, including the power-assisted liposuction instrument, autologous fat graft devices, laser for dermabrasion, microsurgery instrument, Trivex (transillumination vein extraction), laser instrument, endoscope instrument, RF Radiofrequency Medical Electrosurgery Instruments etc.

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