With medical advance in recent years, it improves life expectancy. But patients with chronic diseases increase in number. How to make the disabled take care of themselves and enhance quality of life is the basic need of the patients and their families. The society has higher demands for the welfare and living standards of the aged and children. We had set up the rehabilitation department at the same time when our hospital was established. Rehabilitation Department, located on the 1st floor, covers about ten thousand square feet, including the water treatment room, foot equipment room, exercise treatment room, first and second electric treatment room, first and second diagnosis room, children physical therapy room, children occupational therapy room, occupational performance and ADL (activities of daily living) training room, first and second language therapy room, electromyography room, musculoskeletal ultrasound examination room, research and discussion room, exercise rehabilitation center and weight reducing center. Outside the building is a well-equipped seven thousand square feet atrium with fine natural lighting. Since our department was established on 1st March 1997, we have thrived in case loads and we have gradually received positive comments, with the support and effort of president, vice presidents and doctors from each department.

We recruit 5 full-time visiting staffs, 4 part-time visiting staffs, 22 physical therapists, 8 occupational therapists, 4 lingual therapists, 2 nurses, 2 secretaries, 2 technicians, 1 assistant researcher, and 2 part-time workers. Our services include weight reducing, apoplexy sequela, brain injury sequela, spinal injury, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, orthopedics rehabilitation, arthritis, muscular-skeletal pain, sports injury, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, brain paralysis, development delay, autism, sensory integration abnormality, hand injury sequela, burn sequela, prosthesis training, foot orthosis, acupuncture pain treatment, EMG examination, musculoskeletal ultrasound examination, language training, pronunciation rectification, voice treatment, and etc. In December 1998, we set up the early therapy service for children. In February 2001, we began the weight reducing service. In 2002, exercise rehabilitation center was set up to offer patients complete treatment and healthcare.

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