Traditional Chinese medicine has been a traditional medical science developed over several thousands of years ago. Although the traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical science are developed from different systems and theories, both sciences have their advantages when it comes to practicing medicine. The curriculum inherited the essences of Chinese Medicine: wan (see), wen (smell), weng (question), che (feeling pulse), and also combined with the western medical instruments. The traditional Chinese Medicine provides accurate diagnosis, and prescribes pure Chinese herb medicine to treat all types of illness. The principal of traditional Chinese Medicine is to provide best services to patients and actively improves infrastructure and software of our facility to strengthen and enhance the medical training of the medical staff on three elements: the body, heart, and soul. The basis of traditional Chinese Medicine combines these three elements, and its techniques of medical practice has a very traditional origin.

The space of the department is divided into waiting room, clinic, and treatment room etc, mainly providing services for department of internal medicine, department of gynecology, department of pediatrics, department of acupuncture and others. In addition to the services, there is a Chinese pharmaceutical department that provides medicine for our patients. Every doctor has their specialty that brings the best medical treatment and care to our patients.

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