Wan Fang Laser Cosmetic Center was established as the first laser cosmetics center in Taiwan in 1999. We provide our customers the most professional medical service and advanced instruments with the passion of achieving client satisfaction.
The services we provide are as below:
  • Cosmetic Laser Service
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Cosmetic Surgical Service
  • Dermatological Surgical Service

Service description:

  • Cosmetic Laser Service:
      Mole, warts, senile freckles, scars, skin tumors and cancers: carbon dioxide laser, Er-YAG laser,Sun spots, melasma/cholasma, feckles, blue/black birthmarks, Ota nevus, tattoo: Ruby laser, Nd-YAG laser,Laser hair removal: Alexnadrite laser,Facial rejuvenation, pores and skin texture tightening: RF (Aurora®, Polaris®, Thermage®), pulsed dye laser (V-beam®),Hemangioma, port-wine stain, telangiectasia, red birthmarks, acne: pulsed dye laser (V-beam®), RF-Intense pulsed light (Aurora®)
  • Cosmetic Dermatology:
      Chemical Peelings,Vitamin C Iontophoresis,Botulium toxin (BOTOX®) and Hyaluronic acid injection,Whitening medications, skin care counseling, products purchase
  • Cosmetic Surgical Service:
      Scar repair and revision,Eyelids surgery,Follicular unit hair transplantation Tumescent liposuction,Microinvasive surgery for osmidrosis
  • Dermatological Surgical Service:
      Surgical therapy, skin grafts, flaps for skin tumors/cancers,Skin sonography Sentinel lymph node biopsy,Mohs micrographic surgery,Cryosurgery, electrosurgery,Skin pathological and Immunological diagnosis service
  • Medical Team:
      There are ten specialized dermatology doctors in our medical team, and many of them received further advanced training either in Japan or US. We provide reliable and comprehensive services with the following principles:
    • Empathy to understand what is customer’s expectation
    • Sensibility and aesthetic to satisfy customer’s prospect of beauty
    • Continuing learning, research and innovation to introduce the latest knowledge and techniques

Our center is located at the 2nd floor, on the right hand side of the escalator. There are a reception counter, a waiting area, a consultation room, a conference room, a photography/preparation room, a lounge, 4 laser treatment rooms, a dermatology treatment room, a clinical surgery room, 9 different types of laser instruments, a high frequency burn machine, derma-ultrasound, liposuction equipment, etc.

Treatment flow path:
  • Registration: Appointments can be made at International Liaison Center on the 1st floor in person, by email, or phone calls.
  • Physician visit: Patients will have a prescription or treatment arrangement after diagnosis. To have the procedure performed on the same day or to make another appointment is depending on how large the area involved.
  • Anesthesia: For local anesthetics of laser treatments, it will be either cream for external use (waiting 40 minutes.) or injection. Injection anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia is more common in surgery.
  • Post-surgery care: Apply anti-biotic cream or repair cream on the areas after laser treatment. And artificial dressing will be used on more obvious wounds.
  • Return visit: about 1 or 2 weeks
  • Photo record: For ensuring our quality of medical service and our patient’s right, Record photos will be taken before and after the treatment with patient’s consent.

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