Lower Limbs Lymphedema

Lower limbs lymphedema

  Have you heard Lower limbs lymphedema? There are about 130 million patients with this condition all over the world. However, most of the them do not receive appropriate surgical treatment. To serve these patients, Wanfang Hospital established lympho-vascular surgery department in 2008. Our excellent lympho-vascular surgery team takes lead in introducing new therapeutic technology into Taiwan. Through the placement of intravenous stents, return of blood flow from the lower limbs is improved remarkably with subsequent subsidence of the lymphedema and swelling of the lower limbs. In addition, repeated tissue inflammation is also effectively controlled leading to tremendous improvement of the life quality.

Disease indications

  Congenital venous malformation ,Hemangioma, Lymphangioma and soft tissue tumor of the lower extremities which may cause lymphedema due to venous obstruction or compression


  • Pioneer lympho-vascular surgery department in Taiwan
  • Innovative intravenous stent placement
  • Pioneer of CT- reconstructed concurrent stereo arteriograph and venograph
  • Provide integrated treatment covering the thoracic and abdominal aortae, peripheral arteries and veins, dialysis vascular access and vascular stents